Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Gettysburg and back again!

Some pictures from our trip to Gettysburg from Valentines Day weekend. Lots of snow, and graves and monuments. Some steak, some beers, a ghost tour that didn't produce anything that couldn't be explained (more or less) and a nice drive around the area.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Fire is scary. For real.

So just as Alison and I were getting ready to go to Gettysburg for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend of Civil War history, ghosts, steak, beer and a lot more snow than I've seen since I left Canada, she realizes she's forgotten her wedding ring. I pull up across the street from our apartment, and holy crap, the liquor store right beside me has smoke coming out of it. It's not open yet, but smoke is pouring out of the building.

The FDNY get on the scene far faster than should be humanly possible and, once I got my car out of the way, I took the camera out (it was handy as we were going on vacation so of course I had it with me) and just started shooting.

Here are the results, uncropped, untouched. Once I have a bit of time to go through them and fix'em up I might repost some but for now, here you go: