Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stupid Ghosts!

OK, so we went into Manhattan yesterday at 4pm to meet up with the ghost tour thing a 6pm. Had a nice light dinner at the Town Tavern on 3rd (burgers, beer and wings, all at a fair price though the waitresses choice in hot pants were confusing). We met up at the big arch in Washington Square Park at 6pm which were the instructions as laid out on the website. No one else was there. Well, there were plenty of people there, but not ghost tour people. We thought one creepy guy hanging around might have something to do with it until he walked off with a lady. After waiting 15 minutes or so we gave up and went to the Fat Black Pussycat for a pint of tasty Brooklyn Lager. After that we walked over to Barnes and Noble where I bought two books on the stranger side of the city's history. I'm gonna do my own ghost tour! Take that!

Actually I'm going to email the company that organizes the tour and see what's what. Based on a whole bunch of articles I've read they've been doing this a long time and are quite reputable. Maybe there was a last minute cancellation or something. Either way, I was looking forward to it and it was disappointing that it was cancelled.

Regardless, Alison and I had a nice time wandering around until it got a bit too cold for her at which point we subway'd it back to Queens. I watched an ultra gory German action film called War Dog (the dubbing, by German guys trying to sound Texan, winds up making the cast sounds like Newfies) and a late sixties Turkish action film called Iron Claw The Pirate in which a guy in a mask with a pistol fights a masked villain named Fantomas (!) who is bent on collecting microfilm and taking over the world through means never discussed or elaborated on. Good stuff.

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