Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strange Graves From Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

It may be kind of morbid but there's something neat about old cemetery sites and one of the oldest in this area is located in Sleepy Hollow, right beside the bridge where the Headless Horseman supposedly rode. The Old Dutch Church and burial ground mentioned in the story are still there and Washington Irving, who wrote the story that went on to inspire countless movies and retellings, is buried there along with other local notables such as Andrew Carnegie and Norman Rockefeller. The cemetery spans 82 acres (I'd guess based on the map that we covered about 10 in about 90 minutes' time) and is still very much in use, but some of the graves date back as far as the 1600s. Eddie and I took a walk around there yesterday, it was quiet. There was no one else around (save for a lone coyote and a lot of loud birds!) and it's a pretty eerie location but it's also pretty fascinating.

Aside from the cemetery and some headless horseman related pubs and shops, there's really not much else in Sleepy Hollow. Located roughly twenty miles outside of Manhattan it feels like its much further out. You can't see or here the city at all but you do get a pretty fantastic view of the Hudson River and the oddly titled Tapanzee Bridge.

The cemetery is the most interesting part, though, and a big part of the town's history. A few random pictures that don't really need much of an explanation...

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fufats said...

It would be cooler if it was called Chimpanzee Bridge.