Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out And Vote.... Because I Can't.

If I were an American citizen (and I'm seriously toying with the idea because there ARE very definitely reasons I want to stay in this country even if I gripe a lot) I'd have voted today. We all know this has been an odd election. The influence of the media, from late night comedy shows to the internet, has been insane as has the back and forth between the two major parties. Right now it looks like Obama is going to take it and I'm happy about that. While in many ways I see him as a 'lesser of two evils' candidate and in other ways I actually think John McCain seems like a genuinely decent guy (unlike the current Asshole In Chief) I do want to see the Democrats take this one, much like I did in 2004.

The results aren't in and until they are, it's anyone's game (as Gore and Kerry found out the hard way) but things look good for Obama. Hopefully those pesky Neo-Nazi's will stay out of the way and let what's left of democracy happen. Scary that stuff like that still happens in America, that someone can be made a target for assassination based purely on skin color. That said, in a free country you can't force people to think logically and by the very nature of the beast I suppose you have to accept the ignorent as well as the intelligent.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to change I can believe in. Always a sucker for a good slogan (speaking of good Slogan's check out the French film Slogan starring the late, great Serge Gainsberg out now on DVD from our friends at Cult Epics - it's pretty rad) I think it's time that Washington started to care again. The last eight years... it hasn't felt that way. Having been in DC just last week for work I was reminded how great a city it is. It's a beautiful town with a rich history and a lot of good people living in it who really do want to do the good thing. It's also the epicenter of political corruption. A mixed bag to be sure, but I was there on the company dime and the food was good, so whatever.

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