Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So long Portland.

So Alison gets here in about 2 hours and I'm leaving in roughly twelve. The plan is to make it to Reno tomorrow night in time for dinner so we'll be getting up early. Day 2 should find us in Vegas, if all goes well. From there it's more or less a straight shot across the southern part of the country, maybe dipping down into TN to see some sights on the way.

I've made a lot of really good friends out here in the six plus years I've called Portland home and I'll miss you all dearly. You know how to get ahold of me and I know how to get ahold of you. Let's make sure we all stay in touch, life will not be the same without you. That said, NYC holds a lot of opportunity for me, puts me closer to my family and puts me with the girl I love so it's all good. 07 was a rough year indeed but 08 is certainly starting off on the right foot.

Hopefully I'll be able to update this from the road with some pictures and thoughts on the drive as it happens.

Pass the link along to anyone that you think might be interested....

I'll miss you slobs.


The Hamzinger said...

Oh, "slobs" are we? Well, look who's already getting an East Coast attitude!

The pleasure of getting to know you has been all on this side of the table, boss. I'll definitely miss yer energy 'round here but I know you go paths that are even better for you and that's at least as much as you deserve.

And thank you for introducing me to Manowar.

Matthew Allison said...

Blog. Bee-log.


Dad said...

Hey there # 1 son. Drive safe i.e. keep the shiney side up.

Lacey said...

I'll take the high road and you take the low...oh, wait. How about- I'll take the left coast & you take the right?
You will be missed muy muy mucho! But I'll be sure to bug you everytime I hit NYC.

And I do NOT thank you for introducing me to Manowar.