Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dry Counties Are For Suckers!

So we left Vegas this morning and drove through AZ into NM. We're currently bunked down at the Hampton Inn in lovely Gallup. There are no good restaurants around here, just a Walmart and an Applebees. After 9 hours on the road a beer sounded good but it's a dry county. Blah. And my steak was overcooked.

As far as Vegas went, we had a blast. Went to one of the best steak houses EVER in, of all places, Bill's Gamblin' Hall And Saloon (near the Flamingo). Fantastic food and service. Not cheap, but worth every penny. We more or less just spent Sat. wandering the strip. We did well at the older, smaller casinos like the Riviera and Slots O' Fun. Drank a few frozen strawberry daquiries (well, I did at least) and got lots of walking in. It was a nice break from the driving and we had the time and the money to make the stop so I figured why not. When will we get the chance to do it again?

Driving through Arizon was nice. It's a very scenic state. If we'd have had more time we'd have probably gone to the Grand Canyon but it was too far off the map. We did drive over the Hoover Dam which was neat. Lots of bluffs and plateaus and weird stuff along the roadside to look at and watching the sun set behind us over the desert was just beautiful.

Tomorrow we're going to drive through the rest of NM into TX. I'll post some pictures asap, I'm just too tired tonight.

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The Hamzinger said...

Oh man - shouldda told ya' to stick around Bill's: Their lounge act is Fat Elvis!