Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Texas.... land of meat!

We drove through NM into Texas yesterday and stopped for the night (notice, Noland, I didn't say crash!) in Amarillo. Funky little town. Lots of gas stations and BBQ joints. It also happens to be the home of The Big Texan, a fairly famous restaurant where you can opt to attempt to eat a 72oz steak dinner. If you succeed, sides and all, you get it for free. If not, you're out $72.00. We wound up there for New Years Eve dinner, but neither of us were up for the challenge. I had prime rib though, and I did drink 28oz of Shiner Bock out of a boot shaped glass.

Some skinny dude named Richard from MI was ready to give it a shot though. The wait staff got him on a stage and introduced him while the patrons cheered him on. He had an hour to do it. He was well over half way at the 29 minute mark but he was starting to look a little burnt out. Alison asked the waitress if she'd ever seen anyone puke from eating that much steak (a reasonable enough question) to which she replied 'Oh yeah, honey, that's why we've got the buckets up there.'

Again, no time for pictures. Sorry. Tonight I promise. We're going to drive to Little Rock and bunk down there, then hit Memphis tomorrow.

We're gonna go to Graceland.


divebarwife said...

Happy New Year!

Sounds like you guys are having a blast!

The Hamzinger said...

And no crashing - huzzah!