Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just.... stuff.

Finally got the insurance inspection done for the Honda. That means I'll get my papers and can then go back to the ever enjoyable NYC DMV. That'll kill a morning at least.

Aside from that, life is good. Applied for a job yesterday, Alison has an interview for a new position tomorrow and we've got a fridge full of food and plenty of stuff to keep us busy over the next few days.

Sunday Eddie and I went to this quirky little bar in The Village called Otto's Shrunken Head which was a way cool but not way over priced little Tiki Bar. Reminded me quite a bit of The Alibi in PDX but not nearly as big and sans the karaoke. Why did we go? Richard Lloyd and Billy Ficca from the band Television were playing a free show to promote the release of Richard's new project, Richard Lloyd and the Sufi Monkey Trio. All in all, it sounds very little like the old Television material, more straight ahead rock and roll, which was just fine with me. We got to meet the infamous (and rather inhebriated) Mr. Lloyd after the show, he was quite friendly and appreciative of everyone who showed up at the performance and he really did play amazingly well.

Just as interesting as the show was the crowd. It was full of the stereotypical NYC art punk crowd types, the kind you see in documentaries about Blondie and the Talking Heads. Dudes with fedoras and striped shirts and scarves were in full effect and there was a definite sense of artsy snobbery in effect. That said, everyone was pretty friendly. I talked cameras with some guy named Dan who had driven in from NJ for the show. There was a strange older couple in attendence who felt it was their right to sit in the middle of the room on chairs and ask anyone who had the nerve to stand in front of them to move. I guess they figured standing at a rock show was passe or something. Most of us just ignored them, though at one point I thought Eddie was going to clock them or at the very least call them something nasty. It would have been funny if he had, but also pretty disrespectful to the band considering that the venue was about the size of my current living room.

After the show we walked up St. Marks to 'Around The Clock' which is a 24 hour bistro that makes a seriously mean hamburger. We ate and talked about a couple of projects we're going to work on and just generally got caught up. It was a really fun night until we had to wait an hour for the subway. Adding insult to injury the train I was on just stopped in between stations for almost an hour, meaning by the time I got home it was almost 3am. The good news is I didn't get lost and never once lost my sense of direction, which I found quite surprising.

The same band is playing another free show at the same bar this coming Sunday and one of the other bands features Steve Conte who stood in for the late Johnny Thunders on last years New York Dolls reunion tour. If I go, I'll bring my camera. I would have last week but wasn't sure if it was permitted at the venue or not. Now that I know it is, I'll bring it along. The people in attendence was almost as interesting as the band.

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