Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ikea.... Swedish for all of you people SUCK!

So we needed shelves. We needed a bookcase and some sort of CD storage solution, as between Alison and I we've got well over 700 CDs and those can start to take up space. My solution? Let's go to IKEA!

I should have known better but it seemed like a good idea at the time and besides, it was in Long Island. Alison's mom was heading out that way to visit a friend, I could be a nice guy and give her a lift and see part of the state that I'd never seen before. Seemed like a fine way to kill a Sat. afternoon.

Well, we found the place just fine and did some pre-Ikea shopping (I got NHL 2007 for the xBox... yay me!) and I got to have sushi for lunch. We hit Target and Alison bought pants. Got to talk to my grandmother who called while we were shopping. All of these are good things. Then we entered IKEA. Granted, I'd been to a few before. In Seattle, Portland, Toronto and Hamilton. Alison had never been and was confused when she noticed a furniture store also sold meatballs. And rightl so.

Anyway, long story short it was packed and not packed with the polite, kind customers you don't mind shopping in close quarters with. It was packed with people who didn't want to move and who seemed to take great pleasure in standing in my way when all I wanted to do was buy a friggin' shelf. I'd blame this on the sheer volume of people who live in the NYC area if I hadn't experienced similar behaviour in pretty much every other IKEA I'd ever been to.

What is it about IKEA that turns people into cretins? I was nice. I was polite. So was Alison. Why was everyone else acting like I'd just kicked their dog in the groin?

All I wanted was CD storage. I got it. And it's nice. I like it. It's all assembled and it does the job. Didn't set me back too much and it matches the rest of the furniture in the apartment.

But I don't ever want to have to go back there. I think I had more fun at the DMV.

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