Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

So last week was busy, productive and fun all at the same time. I turned 33 on Thursday and Alison and her son decided to wake me up at a reasonable time in the morning and give me my gift (the Dirty Harry Collection on Blu-ray, huzzah!). When she got home from work we hit up this crazy Dominican restaurant near the airport. It was covered in thatched roof style grass and all the furniture was made out of bamboo. The interior was done up like the inside of a cave, it was pretty cool. The grill a mean steak and don't charge and unreasonable amount of money for it.

Saturday night we had a few friends over for a small party. Much beer was consumed, many hamburgers were eaten, and a fair amount of chicken, sausage, and chili-cheese dip filled people up. We yapped and argued about movies and other nonsense, enjoyed some Planet Earth in high def, and enjoyed some Thor videos. It was during the Thor video that Alison decided to bring out the Cookie Puss cake. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, click this link. This was a big deal to me because for whatever reason, I'd been obsessing over Cookie Puss lately. I remember the ads from when I was a kid. Growing up on a border town in Canada, we got no shortage of American television and the commercials were all over the Buffalo channels. I'd never actually seen a Cookie Puss before, though, let alone have someone give me one for my birthday. You can tell by the picture, I'm appropriately excited.

It was a nice night and people came out to Queens for once (instead of making us take the train into Manhattan, which is the norm). I also watched an episode of the Incredible Hulk where some jerk gave the Hulk acid by slipping some LSD into Dr. Banner's orange juice. I've been obsessing over that lately too.
In other, and likely more important, news the four job interviews I had last week bore fruit. I got an offer today that I accepted and I'm happy, excited, and relieved. I didn't want to piss away all my savings and now I don't have to. The money is good, and while there aren't any benefits yet, that will probably change soon as the company expands. The interviews went really well, and the office isn't too far at all from the DISTINGUISHED WAKAMBA LOUNGE! So if I get the craving for Spanairds, expensive booze and urine it'll only be two blocks away. So, hooray for me. I'm another year old but likely no wiser. At least I've got a job now.
Oh, and the new five disc Pogues boxed set that came out in the UK last week? Amazing and completely worth every penny.

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The Hamzinger said...

Cookie-puss and Thor! Now I know yer in good hands. I think I must've given you the Sign of the Hammer in sympathy over the weekend, too.

CONGRATS on the job, tho' - that's awesome news!