Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has sprung!

The weather has been fantastic lately and there's nothing like New York in the spring time. At the time of this writing I just got in from walking the dog around the block and decided, in honor of the lovely weather, to walk a bit farther than usual just because. It also gave me a chance to make sure my car was where I left it. I've stopped paying for the garage that I was parking in and have instead decided to street park. So far it's not really been a problem though somehow the plastic over my rear tail light got smashed. I can't say for sure that it didn't happen while I was parked outside of work (a much rougher neighborhood than the one we live on) or while I was on the highway, but at this point, I just accept that random crappy car related things will happen to me a few times a year. It's always been this way, so why fight it.

We went to the Gotham Girls Roller Derby season opener last night. The first match was the Buffalo league's all star team Vs. the Manhattan team, the Wall Street Traitors (such an appropriate name). Buffalo destroyed them. The second bout was the Maryland All Star team Vs. The Gotham City Roller Girls All Star team. This time NYC came out on top and mopped the floor with the visitors. At any rate, it was a fun night out despite a crappy overpriced dinner at Applebees (should have known better - never again!).

Two weeks prior we went to the Rangers game at MSG. Alison surprised me with great seats and it was fun to watch them shut out the Islanders. Lots of good old fashioned hockey fights too. This is more live sports events in the last month than in the ten years prior, but whatever. I still hate jocks!

Next weekend we make the quartler trek back to the Great White North. Gonna hang out with family and friends and hopefully have a good time. It's another quick weekend visit, though this summer, now that I have some actual vacation time, we're going to go to Huntsville for a few days and actually (hopefully) be able to relax a bit. We might even bring the dog along.

Other than that, life goes on without any major drama. Work continues to go well and I got a nice (and very welcome) raise last week that actually puts me just over what I was making at my last job. I could still probably be making more than I am but we're getting by and more importantly than anything else, I like what I do and I like who I work with. I'm thankful for that and will take that over money so long as I can get by, and I can. I see what a lot of other people are dealing with these days and am very happy with what I have in life. Sure, a bigger apartment would be nice, but that issue aside, I don't honestly have much to justifiably complain about and I don't know many people who can say that.

The Cobra Skulls come through town on 4/27 so we're going to check out that show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I'm looking forward seeing them headline this time as the last time I saw them they only got 20 minutes to play, which was way too short.

Marriage continues to be amazing and Django comes out on Blu-ray soon.

Life is good.

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