Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love New York In The Spring.

We spent a good part of last weekend just wandering around. This was after the Agnostic Front show on Friday, which was great despite getting shut down early so that the venue could let in a a bunch of obnoxious club kids and turn the concert venue into a dance club. But whatever. They played the entire Victim In Pain album from start to finish and then played what was basically a 'greatest hits' set after that. Good stuff.

But yeah, last Saturday we just wandered around The Village, then yesterday we did more of the same. Started in Chelsea, stopped at our favorite lebian run airplane bar for beers and chips & salsa, then wandered down Greenwhich Avenue, stopping here and to check out stores or rest for a bit. Met up with Horace later at Manitoba's, scored the AC/DC Bonfire boxed set used for $5.00 and just generally goofed around all day. On the way home we did our good deed and helped a hippy lady from California and her son, who were completely and ridiculously lost and just sort of randomly riding the subway in hopes that they'd find their destination somehow, some way.

Next weekend is my birthday. Our friend Todd is coming down from Maine and we're going to see this (video contains nudity, bad language, violence and bad acting):

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Duke's Massacre Mafia Style, his first film, is a personal favorite of mine and I've wanted to see Gone With The Pope since it was announced about ten years ago.

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