Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's not hard, not far to reach....

...but we didn't hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach. We drove there in my Honda instead so that we could hit Trader Joe's on the way home and stock up on delicious pasta and peanut butter pretzels, oh, and buy some comic books. Mission accomplished.

So anyway, yesterday was President's Day and Alison was off from work, her son was staying at his dad's, and we had a free day to do whatever we wanted. Super Patriot that I am, I decided we needed to do something. Alison agreed. We hadn't been for a drive in a while (likely because driving in most parts of NYC is just a headache) but that was what I was in the mood for so we tossed some music in the CD player (it was a Billy Bragg kinda day) and headed to the coast. We got there and, well, it's February, nothing is going on. It was unusually warm but also freakishly windy and there was so much fog rolling in off of the Atlantic that it'd make John Carpenter jealous. It was kinda eerie... anyway, after that we went shopping and had lunch at Sizzler where some woman in a yellow track suit glared at my Pogues shirt like I was somehow offending her classy Sizzler lunch. The salad bar was good.

We got home, parked the car, and I played video games while Alison had a cat nap. After that was out of my system I made a three cheese capiletti dish that was pretty darn good. Then we watched a few episodes of Freaks N Geeks (one of my new favorite shows - too bad I missed it when it was new material) and went to bed.
Yay for lazy vacation days.


The Hamzinger said...

Many days are Billy Bragg kinda days, my friend.

His new album drops Mar. 3, btw.

fufats said...

Freaks and geeks is awesome. I got turned onto it last summer. The only sucky part is that when you finish the DVD set, there are no more episodes to watch - ever.

Alison... said...

What's she writing on the beach?