Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little V-Day fun....

We celebrated the 14th by heading into Manhattan to have dinner at Jekyll & Hyde's Club, a sort of horror themed Chuckie Cheese style joint a block from Central Park. We'd been in there to the bar before but to get the full experience you need to stay for dinner. It wasn't cheap but it was nifty as nifty can be. Monsters pop out of the walls and entertain you with witty banter while you dine on over priced mediocre steaks and guzzle tasty and semi-reasonably priced beers. We had a table near the elevator, which had a bunch of skeletons on top of it, making for a strange view.

TVs are hung throughout the four floors of the restaurant where you can see the floorshow. Sometimes animated mummies will come out and do The Monster Mash, other times wolfs who have had their heads mounted on the walls will sing Summer Lovin' from Grease. Like I said, it's corny, but it's hard not to have fun. Those with better seats than we had were able to see the show without the aid of the TVs. When the show isn't going, the TVs show old trailers for Universal and AIP monster movies. At one point I looked up and saw a promo spot for House of Wax playing (fine, it's not AIP or Universal but it's still rad).

Some of the employees stay in character. 'Wellington' - he being the doorman - was a kick. Before he'd let us into the restaurant he made us stay in a room to listen to his spiel. When he was done delivering it, the roof started to close in on us. It all reminded me of the Haunted Mansion at Disney Land.

We got out of there pretty late and grabbed the first train back to Queens. Once we were home we watched the first half of Rock N Roll Nightmare (a personal favorite and a matter of pride for me) but we were soon out, it was closing in on 2am.

All in all a nice way to spend Valentine's Day. Maybe not a typical way, but that's okay. There will be other years for typical celebrations, this year we both wanted monsters more than we wanted flowers so that's what we got. Love is grand sometimes. It really is.

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Luciferous L said...

We are SO going there when I come to visit this year!!!